Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fall 2012 Midterm Exam

Below is a list of several questions.  I will ask you 3 of them.  Then, you and your partner will have a a conversation based on the prompts.

Unit 7
Look at the man in the picture.  What does he look like?
Look at the woman in the picture. What does she look like?

I expect four or more details:
Tall/short, slender/robust, hair length and color, face and glasses.
What is different about the person in these two pictures?
I expect as many details as possible.
Tell me about your character.
Tell me about my character.
At least three details, and the word 'but'.
Here are four personal ads.  Which person is the best match for you?  Why?
Match details to yourself.  "He is tall and I am tall.  She is shy and I am shy..."
Unit 8
What clothes are you wearing?
What clothes is Brian wearing?
Tell me about three or more articles of clothing.
Look at the picture and describe one person.  The other student should identify him/her.

Unit 9
What did you eat for dinner/supper last night?
At least three foods and/or drinks.
How do ___(pickles)__ taste?  I will bring food into the exam for you to taste.
They taste sweet/ sour/ creamy....
What is your favorite drink?  Where do you get it?  How often do you drink it?
Name the drink.  Name the store....

Brian will choose one of these conversations for you and your partner to act out:
A shopping conversation like the one on page 134.
A shopping conversation like the one on page 136-137.

A food conversation like the one on page 146
A restaurant conversation like the one on page 148.

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