Sunday, 27 November 2011

Final Oral Exam, Fall 2011

Brian will ask five (5) of these questions:

unit 10
Ask Brian a "Have you........" question and follow up with past tense questions for more details, including "How was it?"

Brian asks "Have you.........?" and "How was it?"  Give a full answer with details.

Two job interview questions from page 115
unit 11
Look at the picture (a man or woman with a sore throat, backache.....)
a)What is wrong?
b) What should s/he do?
c) What should s/he avoid?

How do you keep healthy? What bad habits do you have?

When do you feel excited?

How do you feel when you ______?

How did you feel when you _______?

Have you ever been stressed out?

How do you relax or unwind?
unit 12
Describe your looks and personality.

What should your date be like?
What do you think your date should be like?

What do you think your teacher should be like?

What's your type of guy/ woman?

Where would you like to go on a first date?

What would you do if your date took you to an expensive restaurant then said s/he had no money?

Who is your best friend?
...+follow up questions.
What do you and your friend have in common?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How do you feel when you hear...

Classic Rock?

I feel ______ when I hear classic rock.


I feel ____ when I hear The Clash.


How do you feel when you hear classical music?

I feel ____- when I listen to classical music.


How do you feel when you listen to soft music?

I feel ____ when I listen to soft music.

Uh, weird music?

I feel ____ when I listen to weird music.

Disney and Let It Go?

Country/ cowboy yodeling?

Arirang on danso?

pajamas rap?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

보강 Make up classes for #185, 208

For my Tuesday/Friday class (#208), our make up class will be 11:00 in room NM327 on November 18.

For my Tuesday/ Thursday class (#185), our make up class will be 10:00 in room V529 on November 17.

English Cafe Concert

sleep in class, get posted on the web

As always, I blurred the face.  The blur function left some king of strange pattern.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Homework for November 9th, 10th or 11th

By the last class of next week, have page 115 filled in in your texbook.  Page 115 is the model for a resume'.

Address: You do not need your full address, just Gu and city

Education:  Number of years of university

Skills: Hagwon training, musical skills, driver's licences or other licences, language skills.

Experience:  Military service for men, work or volunteer work, conferences or projects at university

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Free Rice

If you have time and want to study English, try this site.  I don't know if anyone gets free rice from this site, but the vocabulary and other questions are fun.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November sleeper

I feel sorry for this guy.  I also felt sick and tired in class.  Apparently, so did all my students.  Tough class today.