Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Homework #1

Look at the personal ads and choose one that you think would be a good match for you.  Write down the person's name and expalin why this person is a good match.  Write or print out your answers and give them to Brian in class between Oct 5 and Oct 7.


"My name: ___________________  Class #: _____________

 ______ and I would be a good match.

We are both ______________________________

and ____________________________________.

We both like/ want ________________________.

But we are a little different. 

_(name)_ is ____________ but I am ____________."


Women ISO men:
1) Janice
SWF, 19YO, ns, sd ISO SM Age 19-21, NS, sd as friends-with-benefits

I am fun and honest, but messy.
I like dancing, concerts and going to the beach.
I want a good dancer and swimmer.
2) Kelly
SF, 20YO, ND, NS ISO SKM Age 21~, ND for LTR

I am serious and quiet.
I like reading and going to movies.
I want a man who likes quiet evenings.
3) Nancy

I am fun and active but also responsible and  strict
I like being outdoors and hiking and seeing movies and visiting temples and historic sites.
A good date would be hiking up a nearby mountain and having a picnic.
SF 25 YO ISO M, 22-27 YO, SD

I am hardworking and practical but also fun and sociable
I like getting out of the house: going outdoors or to parties and events.
I want a man who likes hiking and swimming but also nightclubs and dancing.
5) Jackie

I am quiet but fun.  I sleep a lot and am never on time.
I like to travel and do things, but only in the afternoon, because I sleep late in the morning.
6) Anne

I am talkative and serious.  I work and lot and am always on time.
I like to meet people at coffee shops and talk.
I want a man who will be on time and call me Anne, not Jackie.

Men ISO Women

7) John
SM, S, SD, 22 YO, just out of army, ISO SF under 22YO to have fun with

I am active, funny and fun.
I finished my military service so I want to relax and not be serious.
I like to go to night clubs and to movies.
8) Dave

I am generous and honest but messy
I like playing computer and phone games.  I love my Galaxy Tab.
I would like to go to movies and PC rooms.
9) Greg

I am sociable and talkative but inactive.
I like to chat at coffee shops and in class.
A good date would be a bus tour and visits to coffee shops.
10) Paul

I am active and friendly but messy.
I like hiking, swimming, cycling and reading.
I would like to find someone to travel with and explore.

11) James
I am friendly and honest.
I will start military service next week so I want to have fun this week!
A good date would be a romantic one!

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

personal ad jargon

I am secure & happy with myself, but...Life is meant for 2!! A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel, camping by a lake, gardening, home decorating, Comedy Clubs & Dinner Theater, music, my dog, & celebrating special occasions. I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a great sense of humor, & family & friends are very important to me. A man who ONLY has eyes for me & can make me laugh are important qualities! No Pressure! Let's just relax...become friends & get to know each other... and see what happens.
and more.

SAM= single Asian Man
SAF = Single Asian Female
SACM: 'C' for Christian  SABM - Buddhist.
DWM = Divorced White Male
MBA =  Married But Available

ISO = in search of

LTR = long term relationship.
Friends with benefits = romantic relationship but no long term plans

ND, NS = Non Drinker, Non S_____
GHS= Good sense of humor

21YO SAM ISO 2-YO SAF ND, NS as friend-with-benefits
I am fun and outdoorsy.  Let's walk on the beach and play in the mountains and have fun together!

Young SAF ISO SM, 20~25 YO for LTR.
I enjoy movies and Nampodong.  Let's visit JeongDongJin to see the sunrise!

Your Turn!


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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

English Cafe'

Brian has a sore neck

Hello students.

On Tuesday, I fell off a small tractor (경운기) and hurt my neck.  I'm okay, don't worry!  But, I don't want to carry many books around for a few days.  Here are images from the textbook.