Monday, 7 May 2012

notes for unit 4

I left my book in the office.  Here are the (boring) notes I need for class:

SF: Hi, Mark..
M: Hi, She-fen.
SF: Mark, do you like camping?
M: Yeah, I like camping but I don't like hiking to the campsite.  Do you like fishing?
SF: Yeah, I love fishing, but I hate cleaning and cooking the fish.
M: Would you like to go camping with me?
SF: Thanks for asking, but I'm going to pass this time.

A: Let's go _______________
B: Sure, sounds great.  When do you want to meet?
A: __(Time)______  And let's meet at ___(place)_______.
B: Okay.  See you then.

A: Let's go ________________________.
I like _____________ing.
I don't like _____ing
A: Let's ________________________.
B: I'm sorry, _______________________

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