Tuesday, 10 April 2012

2012 midterm questions

1) What's your family name?
2) Where in Korea are you from?
3) What's your email address?
4) How's it going? How are you? How are you doing?
5) Do you live with your parents? On campus? …
6) Ask Brian 3 introduction questions - age, nationality, major, job, hobby, …

7) My _______ is my _____.  My brother's wife is my _____> (sister-in-law)
8) How many people are there in your family?
9) What do your parents do for a living?
10) What does your father do in his free time?
11) Look at a picture.  What does s/he look like?
12) Look at a picture.  What is s/he doing?
13) Look at a picture.  Where is Brian?

14) what time do you____?
15) Tell me something  you do and when, using before, after, until or from~to.
16) How often do you _______? Use always, usually, sometimes, often, hardly ever or never.
17) How often do you ________? Use once a week, twice a month, three times a day...
18) How many courses are you taking?  Name three of them.

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  1. wow...
    I'll do my best!!!