Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2011 Spring Final Exam

Exam is based on Unit3- Unit 6(only to page 65)
Below are nine questions and I will ask five at the final exam.  Remember to give full answers.

1) What do you do ____? (at night, before bed, in the morning, on Saturdays...)
2) How often do you ____? (brush your teeth, have English class, ...)

3) What _____ do you like? (kind of music, kind of movie, sport, food...)
4) "Love", "like", "okay", "Don't like", "can't stand", "hate" : Use three of these in sentences

5) What did you do __(time)___? and follow up questions
yesterday, this morning, last night...
6) Ask Brian, "What did you do _(time)_?" + 2 follow up questions
7) Tell Brian about something you used to do or used to be.

8)What are you going to do _(future time)_? + follow up questions.
9) Ask Brian, "What are you going to do _(Future time)_?" + 2 follow up questions

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