Monday, 1 November 2010

Class #126 review of unit 9Do you like a hamburger?

Do you like hamburgers? Yes, I like hamburgers

Would you like a hamburger? Yes, I'll have the hamburger

Do you like vegetables? Yes, I like vegetables

Would you like a vegetable? Yes, I'll have the vegetable

How's the Indian curry? It's pretty spicy and salty, I like a little spicy food

How's the coffee there? It's pretty bitter, I like very strong coffee

How's your ice cream? It's too sweet cold and creamy

How do you like Italy's spaghetti? It's pretty good , but greasy, oily..

피자 - salty and greasy etc.

삼겹살 - chewy and fishy etc.

김치 - salty , tart , sour , spicy etc.

오징어 - chewy, dry, fishy, sometimes bland etc.

쿠키 - sweet, crunchy,etc. etc.

비스켓 - crispy, cruchy, a little salty etc.

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