Tuesday, 14 September 2010

For my Design students

There was an article in the Korea Times about design and where Koreans show go with it.

From the article:

``(Korea has a) knack for designing cute adorable characters. From a design point of view, it’s probably the best in the world,’’ ...

``I think the area that needs the most development is writing, or in other words, telling the story. Writing is the most important and also the least expensive part. Design-heavy cannot be beaten without the writing. (Korea should consider) what is the narrative art? What is the relationship between the characters? The show bible (for such programs) is more like a triangle. Design is only one part of the triangle and the other two are writing and curriculum. This is what is largely lacking in most of the preschool shows in Korea, but I do think that’s changing,’’ Selig said.

To sum up, Korean make great, cute characters.  Koreans need to work more on writing or story and on curriculum (the educational value).

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