Monday, 5 April 2010

Midterm exam - BuHaHaHa!

NOTE: This was the exam for 2010.  This year's exam will be different although types of questions will remain the same.

April 19/20 - I will arrange for about 12 students to attend class on this day and randomly assign them into pairs.
April 21/22 - the other 12 students in each class -I still need to decide what to do with students without friends (the odd one out).

We may meet in the hallway or in the front of the classroom, away from the other students. When the exam is finished for those two students, they immediately leave - this is not to prevent cheating so much as to reduce noise.

Part 1
Each student asks partner two questions from my list - I provide the main elements of the question. The list or elements are below.

Unit 1:
a) Where/from?
b) What/free time?
Unit 2
c) How many/family?
d) What/parents/do ?
e) What/ parent/do/ free time?
f) What/father/ look like?
Unit 3
g) What time/ school?
h) When/ finish/ school?
i) What/do/between classes?
j) How often?

Part two:
Brian asks each student 2 questions about a picture.
What does s/he look like?
What is s/he doing?

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